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I'm making interactive overlays & games for streamers. Just login, turn on an App, and paste a link into OBS.
Contact: Twelve47Kevin@gmail.com - Skivvy#7602
Emote Cosmos
Emote Cosmos (Coming Soon)
Emote Cosmos is a Mini Game Royale. Just post a link in chat, and up to 100 chatters can play together in a private game just for your stream. Great for downtime between stream-content. More details to come!
Hype Train
Hype Train
Hype Train appears on screen in sync with Twitch's Hype Train. Donations grow the train and adds the donaters as passengers. Donaters can change their emote by typing in chat. *New* (Ability to add custom train image assets.)
Emote Combos
Emote Combos
If chat manages to post the same emote multiple time in a row the combo counter goes up! How high can your chat go? Adds an extra level of fun to the chat expierence and encourages chat activity.
Chat Cloud
Chat Cloud
Dynamic word and emote cloud. Parts of the cloud grow and shrink according to trending words and emotes in the chat. By default, it takes atleast 2 appearances of the same word within 30 seconds to trigger an effect. Emotes show up after 1 use. Allows for quick-voting. Total occurences of popular words are displayed on screen.
Scoreboard overlay that your Mods can update on the fly! Removes spam in chat from people constantly asking about the game count.