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Garden Overlay
Stream Garden
  • Garden overlay grows as viewers donate & subscribe.
  • Allows viewers to visually leave their mark while helping the stream.
  • Customizable Color Schemes
  • Stream Bot
    Stream Bot
  • Stream Bot is a chatGPT powered overlay that entertains your stream
  • Thanks new subscribers/gifters
  • Responds to the Streamer's microphone audio in real-time
  • Responds and reacts to chat messages
  • Can react to Videos and Clips
  • Hype Train
    Hype Train
  • Hype Train appears on screen in sync with Twitch's Hype Train
  • Ability to add custom train image assets
  • Donations grow the train and adds the donaters as passengers
  • Donaters can change their emote by typing in chat
  • Emote Combos
    Emote Combos
  • If chat posts the same emote multiple times in a row the combo counter goes up
  • extra level of fun to the chat expierence and encourages chat activity
  • Twitch Emotes / BTTV / FFZ / 7tv
  • Chat Cloud
    Chat Cloud
  • Cloud grows and shrinks according to trending words and emotes in the chat
  • Allows for quick-voting. Total occurences of popular words are displayed on screen
  • Twitch Emotes / BTTV / FFZ / 7tv
  • Wheel
    Chance Wheel
  • Chance Wheel Overlay that can be triggered by Subs & Bit donations
  • Completetly customizable via twitch-chat commands
  • Includes a customizable timer that determines how frequently the wheel can be spun
  • Poll
    Poll with Bits
  • Overlay Poll that allows for voting via Bits, and Cheers.
  • Encourages viewer engagement and makes donations more fun.
  • Customizable emotes for each Poll option.
  • scoreboard
  • And Much More!
  • Helps inform chat about the game count & score
  • Score and an underlying Game-Count to keep track of long sessions
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